Red Unicorn Media Website Re-Launch February 2017

I am giving myself a makeover so that I represent and communicate the level of fabulous services and amazing attention all of my clients receive. 2017 is about the woman (you) who has everything going for her, she is amazing, and wants her brand identity to reflect that, while her team lifts her up. I create a luxurious and layered VIP experience that is unique, creative and puts you in power of your visibility and identity in a strong and heart-centered way. I am taking the visual and artistic side of Red Unicorn Media and merging it with the strategy end to create a multifunctional purposeful identity.

What do you do with a beautiful brand once it is created for your online company? Let us get started and I will tell you!

Anyone can have a million-dollar looking brand, but if you do not know what the hell to do with it, then it is all for nothing. Let us take the confusion of marketing, sales, visibility and brand identity together. 

My Style: Artistic Modern with Purpose

Custom Web Design Identity

Brand Identity

Sales Funnels

Membership Site Development + Strategy

Social Media Strategy, Graphics, and Facebook Ads

Sales Page Package

eBook Design and Layout

Fine Art Commission

Would you like to book a call with me to assess your business for 2017 and get started on up-leveling right away? Book a video call right now. I am already 6 weeks out on projects. Most identity packages will take 4-6 weeks from start to finish thanks to my new 2017 team of intelligent and advanced business women. Do not wait, take inspired action and truly live up to your full potential. 

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