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Branding is not just making you look fabulous. That is just part of the goal and a small one at that! It is going back to the beginning when you first fell in love with your dream and making that visual YOUR reality. That is what I am great at...creating a better version of YOU.

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  • “She did a great job- her responsiveness was wonderful and the work she did was creative and near perfect. I look forward to working with her again.”
  • “Alley puts her heart and soul into her work and takes extreme pride in what she does. It truly shows in her designs, in her attitude, and in her ability to create something out of nothing. I highly recommend her and hope to use her in the future.”
  • Alley Makowski is one of the most skilled designers that I have had the pleasure to work with. She is very professional and really easy to communicate with. she was able to complete my project (when I didn't really know what I needed) with a VERY fast turn around. I would highly recommend Alley's services! Thanks for everything!
  • Alley is extremely creative in her work, dedicated and driven to success. Her work ethics are number one. She would be an asset for any company.
  • Alley worked with me for years. I loved working with her! She is hands on and very professional. Her creative style and knowledge is exceptional. I would highly recommend her work to anyone.
  • “Great work in a timely manner. Thanks!”

Create a better version of YOU! Find out today how to elevate the look & feel of your branding by matching who YOU are with your dream and making it a visual reality that really works for you not against you.

Is your customer everyone?

When I ask my client who their customer is and they reply, "well...everyone." I immediately know that they are in a state of overwhelm. Ask me why today why this is and how I can help you laser-point who your preferred client to work with is and how I can help this happen. Red Unicorn Media is more than just a graphic arts service. I believe that it all starts with a clear and focused mind-set, pure confidence follows and THEN your branding.

Is your "corporate self" stealing your truth?

Alley Jean

This is me posing in a corporate way to show how smart I am. I know, I know! Of course it is cute but it is NOT ME. This is the shell of a corporate shadow that I used to try and reflect. I would hope that my hard work, long hours at the office and perfect etiquette would achieve the salary and recognition I was dreaming of. Growing up poor in a single mother household, I was told that this along with my college education would be the key to success. Well, it is for some but not this pretty bird! As soon as I realized that being bare-boned honest about who I am and what I REALLY want made me ultra happy I quit my day job and corporate ladder for you really. Don't think of working with as your way to pay for a cool logo or a custom poster. I am not just an artist. If you're ready to be brave and bold so that you can land the client you have always wanted to work with then you need to get a hold of me. I promise that you will not just get the branding your heart desires but an experience that is life altering for you and your business. Break free and be happy. 

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