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Something Special

The one thing that sets me apart from all the others (there are quite a few designers out there!) is that I am going to give you an art studio experience. My dear, you put yourself out there 100% each and every day for you and your family. This IS personal and your branding and creative material needs to reflect that. Here I will treat you as if you’re Coca Cola. All my patterns and textures are handmade and created personally for you. We will both go on a journey together to try and align your branding and creative material so when anyone looks at it they will think of only you. All my clients receive free online marketing and advertising advice, ideas, and suggestions as a complimentary service. You receive direct access to me. Let us create the freedom we both dream about each and every day together. I am excited to know you.

Alley Jean

I am an artist that concentrates on branding soulful women entrepreneurs through a personal, fun & authentic experience. I strive everyday to create more originality for my clients and help them achieve greatness through the visual online presence. I also love PB&J sandwiches at midnight, getting dolled up every single day for work even though it’s only steps from my bathroom, waking early and staying up late, Oasis (the band not an actual oasis) laughing, crying, creating, destroying then creating again, and watching for shooting stars in my backyard with my puppym Mr. Kingsley. AlleyJean Biz PhotoI’m damned good at building people up with amazing design strategies, ideas from the universe and giving courage where you “think” you don’t have it. I am unrealistically brave which has gotten me in trouble….but it’s all been worth it.

Let’s Get Together!

Alley Jean - A Creative Genius

Love Notes For Entreprenuers

Once a month I send out short "love notes" that inspire + add value to a soulful entreprenuer lifestyle. 

Yay! Get ready for some super unicorn love once a month.