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Half-Hearted Branding Attempts Smashed Here.

What is a brand? A logo? A beautiful font? Your favorite image or colors?

A brand is your vision and a way of life. It encompasses your entire World. There should be no disconnect between your personal and biz life in my humble opinion. It should feel amazing and lift your spirits and energy! There are many designers out there but they’re not me. I have put all my years of experience (Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, Bachelors Degree etc…) and intertwined it with my love of teaching and training. I have trained and worked for some of the most high-profile people in the World and now I want to take that experience and run with it! I am what I like to believe to be a highbred artist and marketing expert.

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If you want your brand to be beautiful & soulful for instance…YOU also need to radiate beauty on the inside and outside everyday. I help clear your obstacles and help you build (or re-build) the dream and visions you have had in your mind from day one. We listen to you and figure out a plan. I train you to be in control of your full identity as a brand, business and woman. Want to talk it out and see if this is what is missing? Schedule a 45 minute clarity call. I will ask you some pointed questions to get to the bottom of your problem, point out some red flags, formulate a solution, explain the process and costs. The most brilliant people in the World have coaches and mentors. They understand the light it brings to their already great ideas and realize the value of being held accountable. Looking forward, are you going into this half-hearted?

Or will you be:

Bold. Creative. Recognizable. Strong. Experienced. Passionate.

45 Min. “Hello” Call w/ Alley Jean – Brand/Biz Consultation

Head + Heart Biz Course & Branding Bundle

I know the feeling of wanting to give in very well. You have something in your soul that is smart, fun, helpful and it fills you with passion. But the people that are around you and love you don’t understand it. They won’t see the big picture and may even tell you that your wasting your time. Maybe your not doing enough work around the house or paying attention to to them enough and they will be the first ones to let you know! Has your mother or father told you to go get a “real” job? I know this story because this was my story. It doesn’t feel good.

In reality the bills are piling up and you have been up at night (here and there) wondering what the heck you are doing and if “they” are right and you should pack it in. One day seems like a sprint to the finish line and the next leaves you drowning in self doubt with low-energy, pity and financial ruin for your family. It’s so easy to listen to the story that they start creating for you and you start narrating yourself. I was that person and truthfully, sometimes there is a day here and there where my emotions get the best of me. Do they get the best of you? I have to tell you that I really do understand because I have lived this way my entire life. The ups and downs, the mistakes that I could not let go of and self-destructive behavior. It is EASY to quit. It is EASY to let others convince you that you are something you’re not. They know what’s best for you right? WRONG. There are steps and tools I can teach you that will fight these weak moments so you can still hang onto your dream and sanity. We all need help and have all been at this point no matter how successful of a person you may be. Our heads can get filled up with toxic patterns which over time create a habit that is easily triggered. You start to play out the same reaction to negativity over and over. Have you been holding it all in? I was taught to be strong and to be the bigger person by hiding it inside. “Keeping your cool” is one thing, but ignoring your body is another. If you have something great going on but are having trouble giving it traction and can relate to any of this you should contact me. I know what it is like, how to escape this prison and have the tools and real support to help. I know everyone likes to keep things super positive because happiness is contagious. But don’t be unrealistic and feel like you are alone. You are not alone and I can be your support and secret business partner while transitioning into your successful mindset. 

New class begins Thursday September 3rd as a LiVE Group Call at 3PM EST.

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Alley Jean

Hello! I’m Alley, I worked in the marketing department for Rolling Stone and US Weekly among other great ventures. I have an impressive past history doing things people said I couldn’t do at my age. But, I did them anyways. I love PB&J sandwiches at midnight, getting dolled up every single day for work even though it’s only steps from my bathroom, waking early and staying up late, Oasis (the band not an actual oasis) laughing, crying, creating, destroying then creating again, and watching for shooting stars in my backyard with my Mr. Kingsley dog. AlleyJean Biz PhotoI’m damned great at building people up with amazing design strategies, ideas from the universe and giving courage where you “think” you don’t have it. I am unrealistically brave which has gotten me in trouble a whole lot….but it’s all been worth it. If you want to know more about me and how my energy and experience can rub off on you like a lucky rabbits foot, you’re gonna have to meet me. Just do it already. Geez!

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Strong. Bold. Fulfilled.

Meet The Heartbeat of Red Unicorn Media!

All of these women capture my heart. They are creative, bold, courageous and full of sass & gold! We are all the dreamers who go out everyday and make things happen. Instead of going out there alone we have banned together! We laugh, cry, love and work our asses off to build our businesses and help each other build on the vision we have for a bigger future. We are living our ideal life and having fun doing it! The foundation, connections and relationships is everything.

Alyssa J. Gavinski

Alyssa J. Gavinski

Web Design Diva

Alyssa is my lady! She is a genius when it comes to making your site look AMAZING!

Shoi-Yean Mak

Shoi-Yean Mak

Website A R T I S T!

Shoi has the aesthetic of a true artist. The beauty and attention to detail is impeccable.

Candice Hayward

Candice Hayward

Biz Coach, Best Selling Author, & Dragon Slayer!

Candi keeps me on track! Her ideas, guidance and pizazz is gold!

Lisa Robinson

Lisa Robinson

International Online Accounting & Biz Mgr.

Lisa is my numbers gal. I’m financially successful because of her advice, knowledge & kindness!

Alley Jean – “I make it happen”

Branding Consultant, Business Coach for Women & Owner of Red Unicorn Media