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You've built up your life and business yourself, so you can also manage your Wordpress site, do all the email marketing and online advertising with no problem and market your brand all on your own. Ladies, "that's "b$%*!"

The problem: All the social media posts, the uploading that never uploads right, creating graphics you don't know how to do or if it's original, printing can be a total nightmare and printers always want to act like they are designers. These are just a few of your headaches when it comes to your brand. You're wasting hours that turn into days!

Solution: Take back your schedule and let a bold, brave and smart as hell woman do it for you. Kick up your brand a notch. Develop a clear path for your brand that not only tells a story and has appeal, but will creatively attract your perfect dream client. You're going to feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders when you hire my agency. Make a positive step today, it will make you happy and free of stress! It works every time. 517-518-1554 Email me

People saying nice things!

  • “She did a great job- her responsiveness was wonderful and the work she did was creative and near perfect. I look forward to working with her again.”
  • “Alley puts her heart and soul into her work and takes extreme pride in what she does. It truly shows in her designs, in her attitude, and in her ability to create something out of nothing. I highly recommend her and hope to use her in the future.”
  • Alley Makowski is one of the most skilled designers that I have had the pleasure to work with. She is very professional and really easy to communicate with. she was able to complete my project (when I didn't really know what I needed) with a VERY fast turn around. I would highly recommend Alley's services! Thanks for everything!
  • Alley is extremely creative in her work, dedicated and driven to success. Her work ethics are number one. She would be an asset for any company.
  • Alley worked with me for years. I loved working with her! She is hands on and very professional. Her creative style and knowledge is exceptional. I would highly recommend her work to anyone.
  • “Great work in a timely manner. Thanks!”

Website Banners

These sell like hotcakes! Don't waste another hour dealing with this. Tell me your goal and in less than 24 hours you're going to have a custom made banner that actually works for you by attracting the clients you want to work with. 2-3 mock-ups are provided and they always wow my clients. Mark this off your list today!

Creative Consultation

You understand marketing but you can't do it all alone! I work with your budget and help you define the best aspects of your brand and your main message. Sometimes this involves making tough decisions such as "re-branding." I can talk with you to help you achieve maximum results. Your 1st creative round table is free.

"Inspire Her"

Being positive, inspired and full of beautiful tenacity without a little help can be an uphill battles some days. I have to admit's not always easy and I am not ashamed to say. I developed a poster series called, "inspire Her." They are gorgeous and I have them matted on my own office walls and look to them when I have a tough morning. Buy some today for your office.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a place to connect with all us women, find answers and help each other out. I'm awesome at Facebook Ads and know how to get people interested in YOU right away. This includes a free Facebook brand round table! I will listen to your goals and needs. I will form a creative plan of attack and launch your ad. You will see results within 24 hours! OMG! Heck yeah!

Custom Infographics

I am in love with infographics! The flat vector art, the pop colors, the message, their size and potential! We are a society of information monsters. I am a Google maniac myself. Research is something I would say I have a slight addition to. When it comes to finding the "right" answer online, I will find it if it takes me all night. Graphics that tell a guided story...ooh la la! If your business could help us all out in some way or validate a key point that speaks to your company values and culture, then you need one of these yesterday.

Social Media Graphics

Banners, profile images, graphic posts and updating your new logo on ALL your social media networks can take a while. Red Unicorn Media is fantastic at developing graphics that are crisp, clear and really scream your brand in a modern and bold way. Stop wasting hours of your day designing images for all your networks. Do what you do best while I create behind the curtains and make you look good ;)

Same day emergency creative work available! 

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Clean. Bold. Modern.

Feel good again and stress free when it comes to managing your brand.


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