Brand Board Your Color Palette – Video Training!

Brand Board Your Color Palette – Video Training!

A New Way To Find Your Brand Color Palette Training

Ready to “brand board”
your color palette?!

As a creative professional, I love all colors and find they all will fit a purpose emotionally and physically. Physically? Yep. Colors are so powerful and can trigger the human mind to create some great choices and sometimes some bad ones! When we talk about brand identity what does that mean exactly and how can we know the perfect color palette to go with it? How do we base our decisions to get favorable results? Let’s talk about all of this in stages.

Here is a process!


First, Think about your business and your personality as an owner. What kind of energy does your company give off? (If you have no idea what your business feels like energetically then this is a time to stop and reflect. Dig deep into what this means to you.) Is the personality bold and sexy like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider? Or is it a serene and spa-like comfort creature that makes you dream of exotic warm sands in a place you’ve never been? Forget about your audience/fanbase for a moment and decide for yourself what energy your company sends out into the world.


This may be a transitional period in your career where this is the new energy you would like people to feel. That is okay too. In fact, it is great! Remember that your future self is not a fraud if you start becoming her now. A misconception of “faking it till you make it” (worst phrase ever!) is keeping good businesses from being great! Become who you already are and feel into what that energy can be described as right now and write it out. It can be one or two sentences and as long as you would like. When it comes to figuring out your brand identity and colors accurately, more is ALWAYS better!


You will take that phrase and put your creative hat on for a time-being! Yay! Okay, so, if your company *feels* like a Marilyn Monroe crossed with a Lara Croft then what does that look like? Put on your fashion hat for a second too! I know I know! I am so demanding and making you wear a lot of hats. Let’s play and pretend for a little bit. Okay? Now, what would your business character be wearing right now if she/he came to life?! Lace and leather? Boho chic? Romantic preppy? You don’t have to think about the colors yet. I want you to think about your character and the style and emotion they evoke in your daydream? Sit with this for a while and get that movie reel in your mind moving things along. Where are you and what are you doing? Are you on stage in front of thousands of people? Are you a famous actor or celebrity chef? Are you shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? Are you in Bali teaching a master class for high-end 1:1 clients? Are you on the beach just relaxing? Remember this is your business character which does incorporate you and your ideas but also your audiences and who they are. Are there colors appearing now? What colors are you envisioning?

It is imperative to grasp because emotion, style, and actions are all related to your brands PERFECT color palette. Colors make us do things like purchase, click, follow and invest. It is a feeling we get and can relate to even if we have no idea what you do and who you are. We notice colors and their meaning instinctually and deciding on perfect palette cannot be taken lightly or rushed through.

Now it is time to have some creative fun! Woot woot!


Go to and create an account if you do not already have one. Now go to your profile in the upper right-hand corner and click that! Now create a new “board” and make it “secret” so that only you will have eyes on this, so there is no pressure. Call the board “Brand Color Inspire” Now go back to your writing and read it all again, so it is a fresh emotion in your mind. Search Pinterest for color palettes, brand identities, fashion photography, nature images and art that feels like something that visually explains all the things you wrote down. When you find ones that resonate “pin it” to your new board. Don’t over think this! If it feels right then pin it. Pin with total abandon! Have fun and go down that virtual creative rabbit hole until you are satisfied and cannot or do not need to pin anymore.

Call the board “Brand Color Inspire”

Did I tell you that this is the exact method I use with my 1:1 clients? It is, and it has been so effective that I have had many requests to create a how-to video on this subject alone. This is a professional artistic process that can tell you a lot while having fun and learning about yourself and your company culture at the same time. Color is my most intensely researched skill and obsession. Knowing YOUR colors in business is vital to getting to the next level so you can run a lifestyle business that is visible and fruitful and feels like YOU.

Okay, this is the critical part of the process. What you will do now is bring up your brand colors inspire board and scroll all the way down to the very bottom of your Pinterest board where you will see your first pins you used. Don’t think about this too much and please don’t take your time here. Now, scroll up to the top fairly quickly and notice which colors stand out the most to you. There will be one or a few. What are they? Take note! Now think about those colors and slowly go through all the pins and delete the ones that didn’t make that cut. Go back to square one when you’re finished and with your new color palette in mind pin some new ones in place of the deleted ones. Now you should have a full board of pins that reflect a color palette, look and feel, you created on your own and is related to your business and YOU. At this point, you can take a break and log back in, in a few days to look at your board with “new” eyes.

Writing about the way you feel and react to your color palette after you’ve gone through all the steps is important. While you may find your color palette pleasing you could be missing one color or another to either balance out the look or introduce an energy or emotion that didn’t make the cut. For instance, I have had clients tell me that they are both soft and hard when it comes to their business personality. This is usually a fine line when you try to visualize that with colors and a fine-tuned brand identity. Make sure it is all there.

When you finally have chosen the overall color palette, it will be time to pick the actual colors with their corresponding color numbers so that you can use these interchangeably throughout your identity for consistency. A consistent look and feel will bring some brand recognition. Choose up to 6 colors but be aware that I usually stay under four if you are creating your logo or business mark. Less is more, and you can incorporate the other colors throughout your identity (like your website, biz cards, social media graphics) when you get to that point.

Colors are powerful expressions of our culture and mean things. Picking a color palette because it looks pretty or a professional told you to is NOT being in control of your entrepreneurial journey. Don’t choose black and gold *just* because someone you admire uses it and is very successful in your eyes. You started this business to live a life of self-expression, empowerment, and freedom. If you can’t even choose your color palette for *your* brand identity, what else are you going to skip over? Don’t opt to be like everyone else. Take your time and give your company space to breathe and become it’s own. Be purposeful and meaningful when it comes to your identity. This is my method I have perfected for over 20 years. If you’re looking for a professional to take you through a unique and creative journey, please email me at Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!



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I Lied To The Universe – A Soulpreneur Journey Continues

I Lied To The Universe – A Soulpreneur Journey Continues

Hey Beautiful Unicorn!

I have never been good at lying. I always got caught in a web of creative stories as a kid and quickly found out that I wore my heart on my sleeve and wasn’t good at hiding my feelings.

I had no idea that I was hiding things from myself!


But apparently, sometimes we don’t listen to ourselves as much as we would like to admit. I thought I was doing everything right!

Read on for the full story!
There are tips at the end you can use right away.

A word before the LIE…

Waking up naturally and on time has always been a gift built into my DNA. I suppose I have a lineage of family members from times past that had to get up with such intensity that now it just happens for me. It’s simple. It’s automatic. I imagine my ancestors waking up to change their lives. Having responsibilities and exciting dreams to fulfill. (Well, that is my dream of them. I don’t know who they were, really.) I am actually in the process of getting assistance for putting my family tree together. I’ll be getting a DNA test to find out as much as possible about the people who gave me life, gave me gifts, and led me to you. The chain of events in life is mind-blowing to me, and I think about it often.

The random events and the deliberate situations that resulted in my reality as I write this out–wow! It all happened before anyone I know was even alive. We all stem from an ancient chain of events and with one small mistake and another success…we came to be here for our short stay.


I have to tell you the truth to start off with…before I tell you how I lied to the Universe. The truth is, right now I realize that without all the disappointments or failures I would not be here talking to you today. Every single failure on my part has been another idea that didn’t work, which means I am testing and evolving as a person and a company. Without failure, I would not know change. Without change, I will never know success. The more results I get the better I understand me and what does work. This is such a simple concept that only took a few sentences to write, which is kind of disappointing for me considering it took me up until NOW to make it part of my life.


Now my story about how I lied to the Universe:


That day was so amazing! It was the one when I had it “up to HERE” with the standard and predictable way I had tolerated mediocre. I looked around and felt entirely disgusted and with my eyes wide open, I made some drastic changes. The first change was to start manifesting a life I dreamed about. That would begin with restructuring my business and making the money I deserved. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! It was.

I was so fucking high vibe and ready to conquer the world and had no time to spare! I wanted it all! I wanted to “eat the whole cake” as they say. So, I made a pact with myself to think positively about my money mindset so I would manifest a regular income that matched my plans. I began to think positively and tell the universe my plans, strategy and all about the money that I was gladly inviting into my life. I told her that I was ready to receive. Yep…here I am, ready to receive…hello? Universe…are you there?! I am so ready to receive and accept my new life. Here I am! Hello? Nothing…not a peep. She didn’t say a word. I didn’t feel anything. (I wanted to believe I felt something!)

I kept trying to stay positive and think about my old paradigms around
what I deserved and began meditating and all that jazz.


Although my biz did make some great changes, if I asked myself at any point if I was satisfied and felt that I was where I thought I’d be from the day I made the awesome claim to live the life of my dreams, I’d politely tell myself no. It felt horrible and although I was being my rock and roll unicorn self on the outside and kind of on the inside, too…it wasn’t what I expected! I was working so hard and it was not weighing out. I couldn’t understand it. I was even asking for help and felt I was doing all the right moves. It was odd and deep deep down in my truth I was feeling defeated. That secret seed of defeat fed the lies I didn’t realize I was telling.


You see, I learned from an amazing friend that the universe only understands energy. Because of this when I thought I was truly asking to receive through conscious meditations and daily journaling…in the background, I was sending out my panic message and the clear message that I was feeling defeated. So the universe gave more of that. She gave me more and more of what I was truly asking for. It was hard to realize this because it felt as if I did so much work for nothing. Like so much time had wasted. I felt defeated about being defeated…and so it got even worse.


And then I pulled that little lie by its roots out of the virtual garden of dreams and future energy. How’d I do that you ask? Here are some solutions that helped me get over my money story filled with lack and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. (If you missed last weeks blog on The Fear of Being Visible Online, check that out too!) I had to change my energy patterns and that is not easy. I still sometimes find myself calling old energy up that I haven’t fully cleared. But as I accepted the challenge of knowing I had been lying I quickly started seeing the changes I longed to see since the beginning.


I allowed myself to be upset or depressed about it but as soon as these emotions surfaced I trained my brain to signal a time limit. It started off longer and got shorter and shorter and easier to initiate. Time limits for emotional breakdowns are like goals, and we all need goals to create structure in our lives.


I faced my problems head on by finding out everything I could about them. For me, my debt was killing me and my learned response was to hide from it. So I didn’t know much about it except that I constantly told myself that I would never pay it off and was in a mess. Instead, I found out everything, got a lawyer, and began finding the solutions that everyone agreed upon. Clarity in my money story was KEY! Without the whole story, real financial figures and a plan, I would be nowhere today. It is important to fight your demons with knowledge. It is liberating!


Every day I told myself that I mattered and my voice was important for people to hear. Our brain is like your laptop computer but much more advanced. It easily holds onto fear and messages. Send the right messages and “program” your brain to think the way you wish you could. It literally is that easy.
It just takes a while!


Start journaling about your money story. This is so important because you will discover through writing how a lot of your thought patterns were fed to you as a child. What do your mom and dad think about money? What do they think about you and money? A lot of our “stories” are not really ours, we decided to own them. You can own another story script! Write your own story and stick to the script, woman!


Accept your problems and look at them as a scientist would. Step away and look down on yourself and start experimenting! Yep! I do this all the time. I become the “3rd party” scientist failing and succeeding in all areas of my life. If you’re failing it is okay as long as you keep experimenting. You cannot get to the solutions if you are standing still. Keep moving that brain of yours. I used to take everything so personally but this creative “scientist” method has made it easier.


Get pissed! (Not drunk if you’re from England! LOL!) But seriously, get mad and feel the passion. I did. Anger is totally okay when used correctly. It can be very passionate and give you the energy to move forward when it feels like no one has your back.


Know that we have your back. I often felt alone. And that is because I was. I turned down help and hid all my emotions from EVERYONE. How can we help you if you keep acting like everything’s okay and you don’t need us?!


When you feel yourself sinking into the old scripts about how worried you are about the bills and the kids and the business and your love life, etc…use that as your big Marilyn Monroe movie cue! Lights, camera, ACTION! I often put my emotions on stage. Getting creative with my mindset has been the biggest key to opening the doors to success. And Marilyn is definitely used all the time for personal achievement. When I feel those icky feelings creeping into my mind and words, it is a cue for my brain to become something more. To start the show, have fun and get to work. A lot of times this starts by wiping my tears and putting on my favorite red lipstick.


ASK FOR HELP – Have the courage to ask for help but don’t play this as a game. Ask for help from people who will hold you accountable for solutions. It is important that your closest friends and business besties have the ability to say, “What the hell is going on with you and let’s fix this!” The truth can hurt but it can also be an alarm to get you out of that track you keep running.


Color outside of the lines. Be okay with taking another route or path. Shake things up by creating new routines.


Literally, shake your body! I shake my hand, arms, and belly a lot. It feels good and was taught to me by a good friend. (Therese Tucker of Spirit 4 Success!) She told me that it clears the old energy out. And that is exactly what it feels like! So get up right fucking now and take your belly (big or small) in both hands and shake it out. Laugh if you want! That is even better. Then shake out your hands and arms. It’s fun and resets my energy patterns in my body instantly. I love it. One of my favorite tricks!


Finally, listen to YOU. I found that I already know all the answers and know the things I need and want to do. It is my mindset and old stories floating in my heart that kept me from making the leaps. Really listen to yourself and ask what you want today and for the rest of your life. Then, stop acting like it is impossible! It is not. Everything you want is attainable if you decide to take inspired action.

Watch my personal and honest talk about all of this by clicking below!

Enjoy and let me know your comments!



PS. Stop asking others what they think about you, your biz and anything else. Make all the decisions yourself. It is not up to them anymore to make decisions for your life. Your achievements and failures must be credited to you and you alone. For this is when you will feel the shift and life will blossom like a purple orchid in the sunrise of your morning.


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It’s Not Creative Block

Often times we hear the phrase, “I have creative block.” I used to say it too! Now, I have come to realize that it is not a block but an opportunity to listen to my brain, body and soul that it is time for a little break. I talk about this in the video.


16 Ways to Nurture a Thriving Creative Mind

Working on the weekend? What does YOUR workspace look like? Sometimes making an inspirational little setting is what a Soulpreneur needs to keep going and feel good about it. Below are some quick ideas to spruce up your space.

1. Fresh cut flowers *My Favorite!

2. Blanky and hot tea/coffee

3. Good instrumental music in the background

4. Pillow or stool to prop up those feet

5. Candles, inscents or essential oils

6. A very comfortable outfit

7. Indulgent special snacks like macadamia nuts, dark chocolate or figs

8. Inspiration within arms reach such as good books, sketch pads, crystals, shells, journal and magazines

9. Salt lamp to set the mood

10. Sound machine

11. Pinned inspirational images to your board

12. Mini games like Simon or that spiral wheel game thing. Find these at toy stores!

13. A fan to create a nice breeze

14. Beautiful objects

15. Pillows to prop your back up

16. Lots of water with flavored ice cubes

Tip: sometimes creating your space starts with a good hour of organizing to set free stagnant energies. Sage away!

24 Ways To Raise Your Creative Vibes Right Now

My Watercolors!Art creates space for the creative mind to widen and explore. It relaxes your cells and gives you more to work with when you’re ready to write or accomplish any project at hand that requires creative thinking.

Creativity is like a romance. You can’t rush right into it. Our creative brains need foreplay to be at its peak performance.

Here are my top things I do to get in the mood and pull more out of my soul than if I forced it.

*in no particular order

1. Local art gallery
2. Art and craft boutiques
3. Farmers market
4. Art fair
5. Garden or nursery
6. Instrumental music concert (Classical, Jazz, blues, chill, soundscapes)
7. Renaissance Festival
8. A play or opera event
9. Watching glass blowing
10. Museum
11. Cooking a foreign recipe and learning of its origins
12. Walk in the forest
13. Dancing
14. Barnes & Noble
15. Taking up a craft or art class
16. Documentaries on famous creatives
17. Traveling
18. Guided meditation/breathing/Buddhist temple (if you have one in your area. If not you can find a guided meditation elsewhere. The actual temple is an experience that can alter everything)
19. Taking a bath
20. Singing bowls
21. Swimming *My favorite and most resisted for no reason but my own stubborn habits*
22. Drumming
23. Gardening
24. Photography


All of these activities have helped me on more than one occasion take a break from reality and responsibility. By doing so I found the creativity came easily in its own divine timing.

This is part of the wonderful
world of LOVE • L I F E • F L O W

Raise your vibes and success by incorporating more creativity into your life and home??

Need Therapy? Become a Soulpreneur

Alley JeanMy entire life has been an uphill battle of learning how to navigate through this world in a successful way. I have tried everything! I have had gym memberships, therapists, diets, all natural living, quit alcohol, taken vitamins, juiced, quit milk, quit wheat, read self-help books, detoxed, made big life changes, moved, went to college, etc…. I felt that after all of this goodness something would catch on and I would all of a sudden be “fixed.” But I still felt miserable because nothing changed inside of me that made a big impact. I looked at my accomplishments and failures. It all looked okay, but I didn’t want to be just okay. I knew there was a greater purpose for me because I wanted an amazing life!


Every day I woke up on a mission to change my status quo. That was really my first step into being a true soulpreneur…making it my mission to do and try everything for Red Unicorn Media’s sake. Well, that is what I told myself at least I said, “This is for Red Unicorn. It needs to survive and thrive.” So I looked around and tried everything. I listened intently to the people succeeding and followed  what they did. It was the epitome of looking at what “she” (the better entrepreneur) was doing.  So what did  all successful entrepreneurs talk about and do that I didn’t do? Here is a quick list:


“What is she doing that I am not doing that/ What do I need to do to be better/ Maybe one day I will be like her” kind of list:

  1. Holistic lifestyle
  2. Yoga
  3. Meditation
  4. Reiki
  5. Self-love
  6. Self-acceptance
  7. Fun
  8. Getting out into nature
  9. Getting vulnerable and honest
  10. Standing in her power
  11. Talking to the universe
  12. Deep-diving her “why”
  13. Sending love to people she dislikes. Lol!
  14. Being okay with who she is
  15. Being authentic
  16. Understanding what authenticity really is
  17. Forgiving people who have hurt her in her past
  18. Journaling
  19. Using crystal energy
  20. Sending messages to the universe
  21. Going to retreats
  22. Helping people with nothing expected in return
  23. Being positive and happy and understanding what this is and looks like to her
  24. Master Manifestor
  25. Showing up
  26. Creating value
  27. Being strong minded and getting up after she was knocked down
  28. Releasing what no longer serves her
  29. Wanting more and knowing that it is not selfish to be this way
  30. Being visible and standing in her truth

This was HER list that I wanted to conquer. It was daunting but a lot of it came so naturally. Why? Because in reality this list was mine and always had been. I only needed to write it down to begin the manifesting power I held in my heart. Once I began going through the list one by one, something terrible happened! The list became my secret obsession. At one point I was so in my head about manifesting that I think I manifested a total monster. LOL! Because if you know or you don’t know, the universe doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, it only acknowledges what you are concentrating the most on. So…as I concentrated really hard on becoming successful, I feared so much that I would fail…which in turn became my failure.

One by one I went through my list and one by one I failed. The difference I made in my life and business was going at it again and again. I looked for patterns and let go of what didn’t work. I tried everything when it came to technology, marketing,and psychology. I looked at myself naked in the rain and got excited when something finally came to light. Win after win I began making traction and I started understanding something truly epic: All the things I wanted didn’t have anything to do with my business! It had EVERYTHING to do with my soul, heart,and effort. It was ME and not my college degree, not my experience working for places like Rolling Stone, and not my pricing, clients or artistic skills; it was me and only me all along.


So as I went through my list again I thought with my heart and associated it all with my personal soul. I treated my clients and the way I signed my clients in a very personal way. When something didn’t work out, I looked at me instead of blaming others. I saw my faults as signals that I needed to go in another direction. And you know what? Every month I made more money, had more wins, and was offered great things. These things never would have come to me or my business had I not looked deeply at me instead of the outlying things that didn’t really matter, such as my pricing, services, or marketing practices.


Another amazing and key component that has occurred by living my list is that through all my experience and clients, I have truly found the secret to living a happier life. I am conquering all my fears and monsters that no psychologist, self-help book, or inspiring movie could ever cure me of. And every time I go through a “situation” in business, I wonder how I can handle it differently and in a more heart-centered way now or in the future. I didn’t notice it at the time, but I literally have crossed off almost all those list items now. So what can this mean for my future? I am HER. I am the person I always wanted to be and all it took was becoming an online entrepreneur for a year. I can’t imagine what the universe has in store for me next!

Giving up on my business essentially would have been giving up on myself personally. Don’t give up on YOU. Get out there and make a list of what SHE has that you don’t. Examine that list carefully and realize that it is YOUR list and always has been.

Love you. xoxo, A.J.